Business Visions - Business Strategy Consultants

Giving Back to the Community

Business Visions provides pro bono advisory services -- in the form of business and strategic planning -- to various non-profit organizations in the Washington, DC area.

The time and talent that Business Visions devotes to this volunteer work is coordinated via an organization called the Taproot Foundation.

Taproot Foundation

The Taproot Foundation is, itself, a nonprofit organization that makes business talent available to organizations working to improve society. Most organizations tackling social problems don’t have access to the marketing, design, technology, management or strategic planning resources they need to succeed. Without this talent, few are able to have their intended impact on critical issues like the environment, health and education. Taproot engages the nation’s millions of business professionals to provide millions of dollars in pro bono services annually, aimed at enabling organizations to address local social issues.

In the United States professionals annually donate over $15 billion in pro bono services to support organizations in need. Pro bono service is one of the largest forms of philanthropy in the country -- double all corporate and community foundation giving combined.